#FONTFRIDAYS – A Weekly Typography Resource

Getting to print items with fantastic font choices is always a pleasure for us, as your go to on-line printing company. We want to help you make smart, affordable and eye catching choices when selecting or creating fonts for posters, flyers, brochures, etc. Every Friday we will be celebrating #FONTFRIDAYS by blogging a curated list of typography resources for graphic design inspiration no matter your design skill level. Whether it’s a fun website, free fonts, or infographics, join us here on the blog and our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+) while we highlight trends in typography.


Friday Fresh Free Fonts from Abduzeedo is a great place to start for reputable free fonts. Abduzeedo is a great site for inspiration and design tutorials. Stuck in a designers rut? Browsing through previous FFFF posts is a great place to start if you want to get unstuck.



Experimenting with fonts is great fun for both professional and hobby designers. With upcoming releases scheduled, sign up for updates because you won’t want to miss the opportunity to explore, tweak, compare and export your fonts!  Prototypo is an on-line open source application that is relying on crowd-funding to jump to the forefront.

Type finder

Type Finder

Anyone that has scoured free available fonts on-line knows that not all fonts are built the same. Free fonts can be finicky and unreliable. Buying fonts may not be in your budget if you are a start-up so finding reputable sources for typefaces is important. Dive in and view the entire Type Finder Library to get started.

Communication Arts

Communication Arts – How to Know if a Font Sucks

Font quality can make or break a design project. Thomas Phinney breaks it down for you in easy to understand terms. Kerning, overshoot and monoline are all scrutinized to ensure you know how to identify issues with fonts and how to pick the right one for your project.

Real Estate Marketing Tips


Real estate marketing doesn’t have to have a huge budget to be competitive. With some thoughtful planning and consistent efforts even a Realtor who is new to the game can step up to the plate and start competing in the big leagues. The best customer is one that refers your services and returns to you for real estate advice throughout their life as their family grows and changes.

Print marketing helps to build tangible relationships with clients for a lifetime. Putting the time in to build a life long client relationship takes time and effort so your marketing efforts should be consistent, thoughtful and helpful. Here’s how some of our most popular items can help you get more people in their dream home.

Door Flyers or Hangers

  • Introducing yourself to a large sample audience is a great way to start your marketing campaign
  • Measuring responses will allow you to focus and target specific demographics

Post Cards

  • Regular post card updates celebrating community events and season holidays are a great way to keep your name in the minds of potential clients
  • Plan ahead and save on your post card budget by selecting dates in advance for the year to target clients

Greeting Cards

  • Start and maintain your client relationships with seasonal and celebratory greeting cards
  • A personal touch goes a long way to building lasting relationships so drop your clients a thoughtful note when you hear about important life events and achievements

Magnets or Magnetic Calendars

  • Keep your name at the forefront of every person’s mind with useful household items
  • Having extra magnets and calendars on hand is a great alternative to business cards


  • Seasonal or yearly newsletters to past clients helps to maintain a personal connection
  • Share ongoing events, professional successes or personal achievements

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How to Save on Brochure Printing in Toronto

Brochure printing can be expensive but it is often an inevitable marketing investment. Using an online printing service is one way to reduce cost. Review both service quality and pricing before you place an order with an online provider. It is possible for Toronto businesses to save on brochure printing costs without compromising quality. Read these tips below to find out how.

Brochure Printing Costs

5 tips to save money on brochure printing:


  1. Page size and count: Size and number of pages will impact the cost. Plan your content. Include only what is important and interesting. Think of a creative, concise and compelling way to get your message across. Resist the urge to pack too much into a small space.
  2. Paper quality: The thicker the paper, the more expensive your brochure is likely to be. That is not to say you should skimp on paper quality. Think carefully about of what the situation demands i.e. match the paper to the project requirement and goals.
  3. Press sheet usage: Optimize your press sheet usage to save on price. Using the entire sheet is always more economical. Consult your brochure printing service for the best solution.
  4. Inks, colours and typescripts: Choice of typescript impacts the amount of ink; when combined with different colours, this can drive up brochure printing costs for Toronto companies. A smart design can make use of cost-efficient monochrome or bi-colour printing in an attractive and compelling way.
  5. Quantity: It is no secret that the larger the print order, the lower the price; but that does not mean you should print more than you need. Discuss the cost of small and medium runs with your printer to see what is best for your budget.


Also check the master document carefully to avoid errors and the additional cost of reprinting.


eprintFast offers a high quality, online printing service for businesses in Toronto and all across Canada and the United States. Choose from a wide range of professionally designed templates or upload one of your own. We will have your order back to you very soon. Our customers enjoy exceptional brochure printing service at an affordable price.


25 Brochures start as low as $36.83! Upload your design or use our high quality templates.


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Business Cards: A Proven Approach to Staying in Touch

Business cards add a personal touch to your networking efforts. No doubt we have moved very fast into the digital age where most communication is done online; yet, we still need physical stimulus to stay connected. A well-designed business card can, therefore, help keep you top of mind with your prospects and customers.

eprintFast can make your business cards really work for you! Our customers enjoy a convenient, high-quality solution for full-color printing in small and large quantities without the high cost. Over 30 years of industry experience and exceptional service has made us the No. 1 source for high-quality, low price online printing and premium service.

Why do business cards still work?

  • Customers and prospects still expect to receive them: It is the quickest way to communicate important contact information including your email and social network.
  • Less intrusive: As people spend more time online, they are flooded with emails and notifications that often find their way into the electronic trash can.
  • Offer insights into your personality and business: They are a small but powerful window into your brand personality. With the right design and content, you can leave a distinct impression.
  • Greater recall value: After all, what is likely to have more recall value and is easier to get to—an attractive business card that is sitting on your desk or an email in your overflowing inbox?
  • They serve different purposes: Apart from stating your name and business, business cards can also function as discount coupons, appointment reminders, loyalty cards, etc.

Make a great impression with a compelling and persuasive business card design. eprintFast has a full range of creatively designed templates for you to choose from.

High Quality Business Card Design and Printing at Low Prices

Business cards play an important role in marketing and lead generation. In order to make an impact or achieve your objectives, pay careful attention to the size, quality, content and design of your card.

eprintFast offers you the option of selecting from a wide range of professionally designed templates that cater to the needs of specific industries or your own design (Read about our artwork requirements). Realtors, mortgage professionals, dental clinics, small and large businesses, marketing companies, graphic designers and print brokers from all across Canada and the United States take advantage of our cost-efficient, high quality services.

Our business cards can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Personal cards
  • Networking cards
  • Appointment cards
  • Coupons
  • Events calendar
  • Mommy cards
  • Loyalty cards

As an established online printing service, eprintFast offers the best prices for full-color professional offset printing. We can help you with all of your online printing needs, including business cards.

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Press Kit 101

letterheadWhile some businesses rely solely on Electronic Press Kits (EPK), it is important to maximize your brand’s visibility to reporters by also distributing a traditional press kit. Writers are often on deadlines and having your brand’s information tangible and directly on hand to help with stories and to fact check quickly. Let us help you with our high quality upgrade options like matte, glossy or linen stock when printing your next round of press kits.

Get your press kit noticed!

  • Use tasteful and professional graphic design principles to show you mean business
  • Follow up directly with editors and writers to build lasting relationships

  • Target the information included to the audience you intend to reach

  • Use high quality paper and make sure your folder includes a business card holder and include a few for sharing and reference
  • Personalized letters to each recipient is an essential part of the distribution process and demonstrates professionalism and dedication to committed on going relationship building

What to include?

  • Key elements such as a company overview, fact sheet, business successes and growth data

  • Synopsis or company mission statements

  • Biographies of key players and face of the company, band or brand along with tasteful head shots

  • Clearly identify potential story ideas

  • Media highlights and third-party endorsements

  • FAQ’s that may be helpful to editors

  • Art and publicity stills but ensure the images used are of top quality

  • Including a USB or CD to share music, images, video and other high quality media

  • Contact information for media leads, agents, sales representatives or business owners

Sure, it sounds like a lot to put together but we’ve got all the key elements for your press kit ready to go! Update your current business cards, flyer inserts, CD covers, letterhead and envelopes designs or load up your current inventory using our easy design templates and tools.

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Flyer Printing – Important Do’s and Don’ts

online flyers
Content, design and flyer printing quality will determine the results your promotional materials generate. Flyers are an important marketing tool that help create a positive impression, generate interest in your company and provide important business leads. Here are some important tips to help you get a competitive edge.

7 Do’s And Don’ts Of Flyer Printing

  1. Make your core benefit or value proposition the key message, not your business name: Create interest by telling your prospects how you can make their lives easier. Do not rely on your business name to convey your message. Whether you choose to be formal, funny or creative, your main goal is to get their attention.
  2. Keep it simple rather than pack in too much content: Avoid cluttering the flyer with too much content and/or pictures. People want the essentials, so take the time to think about your core message and the most attractive and compelling way to convey it.
  3. Check it thoroughly: Get your business partner, colleague or friend to check the content thoroughly for any errors. The smallest error could drive away prospective customers as it reflects on the way you conduct your business.
  4. Compel your prospects into action: Include a discount, a special offer or a gift to entice potential customers into action. It is not enough to simply provide contact details. You need to create a sense of urgency and get them to act right away.
  5. Choose a reputable flyer printing service: Selecting a flyer printing service can be a challenge since there are so many available. It is best to go with a reputable printer who has substantial industry experience and offers some kind of quality assurance.
  6. Get more than one quote: Get a few flyer printing quotes to compare pricing and quality of service. Do not, however, make price the sole determinant.
  7. Check if the flyer printing service offers any technical support: It always helps to have professional advice when trouble-shooting or if you need any help with design.

eprintFast offers top-of-the-line flyer printing services with convenient online ordering and delivery for Canada and the United States. From handouts to take-out menus, mini posters and inserts, we provide high-quality solutions for full-color printing in small and large quantities, at great prices. Choose from a wide range of professionally designed templates or upload one of your own. We will have your order back to you very soon.

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The Three T’s of Direct Mail Marketing

flyerFrom flyers, postcards and brochures, there’s a world of marketing opportunities when it comes to direct mail. Enhancing digital campaigns with print materials has been proven to not only broaden awareness among target demographics but create lasting and memorable moments with consumers. With direct mail boasting a return response rate of 4.4% versus email’s 0.12%, there is a clear return on investment.

Here’s three factors to consider when starting your direct mail marketing campaign:


People prefer to receive advertising by mail making direct mail marketing is the tangible choice when deciding to launch a campaign or grow your business. As Marketer Elaine Fogel writes, “according to a 2012 Epsilon study, 73% of U.S. consumers and 67% of Canadian consumers said they prefer direct mail for brand communications because they can read the information at their convenience.” Direct mail with links to social media accounts and company websites work in synergy to put something real and tangible in consumers’ hands.


Need more proof that direct mail marketing works? Yahoo Small Business Advisor details how creating tactile marketing moments generates better, more consistent responses  by creating an actual connection with readers. Check out how the brain reacts differently digital and physical marketing materials, here. The brain is more actively and emotionally engaged by print media. Use print media as a way to drive traffic to online and retail sales for your small business with proven active response.


New to direct mail marketing? Canada Post has all the tools you need to get a targeted and focused mailing list. The Unaddressed AdMail Service can help you target a specific neighborhood or launch a new retail business in a specific community.  By carefully tracking your direct mail marketing responses, you’ll be able to curate your own mailing lists for future use.

Through careful consideration of these three key factors, direct mail can be planned thoughtfully and proactively to better benefit overall return on investment for your entire marketing budget. Take advantage of our March promotion to receive 15% off all purchases when using the promo code ‘SPRING15.’ Planning ahead really does pay off when you sign up for our monthly specials.

Creating Memorable Business Card Designs

Your business card has an important function—marketing and lead generation. When given to a potential customer, you are counting on it to create that recall value and generate business. Business card design must communicate in a compelling, concise and attractive way.

We receive so many business cards on a daily basis that many find their way to the bottom of the drawer never to surface again. The only way to prevent this from happening to you is to capture your prospects attention in those few seconds that he or she might look at it.

A memorable business card is one that…

  • Stands out among the rest
  • Conveys important information in an uncluttered format
  • Uses the right colours and symbols to promote your brand
  • Creates a positive first impression about your company
  • Convinces your client to make that call

When it comes to business card design, the sky is the limit. Here are some important elements to keep in mind while selecting yours.

  • Size: It is preferable to stick to a standard size that will fit easily in a person’s hand and their card holder.
  • Quality: While you do not want to go overboard, do not compromise quality either. Your business card is a reflection of the way you do business.
  • Purpose: Decide what the aim of your business card is. Cards serve different purposes in addition to stating your name and business. They can also serve as a discount coupon, an appointment reminder, a loyalty card as well as provide other valuable information like a map and directions.
  • Type: From basic to pictures and tactile, business card designs offer a variety of choices. While the basic variety provides just the facts, one with pictures can cleverly convey your message without words. Tactile cards on the other hand use different materials and are more expensive, but might be worth it depending on the nature of your business.
  • Design elements/Colours and symbols: Ensure the colours and symbols you choose are appropriate for your business. For instance, it may be seen as tacky for a funeral home to have bright and flashy business cards.

eprintFast can make your business card really work for you! We offer a convenient, high-quality solution for full-color printing in small and large quantities without the high prices. Realtors, mortgage professionals, dental clinics, small and large businesses, marketing companies, graphic designers and print brokers from all across Canada and the United States take advantage of our easy-to-use, professionally designed templates to have artwork prepared.

Design your business card online today! 1000 Business Cards for only $16.55.

5 Questions to Ask Every Client Before Starting a Project

Sometimes new and inexperienced designers are quick to snap up every job they’re offered. An important step in building a well curated graphic design career is carefully selecting clients you want to work with. A shared vision with your client will save you from headaches later down the road. Here’s some critical questions to ask before agreeing to any graphic design project:


1.) What are you selling?

Get familiar with the product or service you are selling. Try it out. Take it for a test run. Learn the product inside and out so you can be an advocate. Being knowledgeable about the product your client is selling will help you to identify the perks to potential customers when designing marketing materials.


2.) What’s the message?

A company’s message should be able to be summarized in a single clear and concise sentence. If the message your client is trying to convey isn’t clear, ask questions to further clarify what the product does or what angle and selling tactics they want to use. If you’re taking on a new client, it is your responsibility to ensure you understand what they are trying to convey to potential customers.


3.) Who do you want to connect to?

Identifying the product target market is essential to what your design looks like and what types of marketing materials you will be printing. For example, an overly playful design is probably not appropriate if you are selling insurance to homeowners. Design elements need to be specific and appealing to the audience you are trying to connect to.


4.) When is your launch date?

Sticking to deadlines is not only professional but important when dealing with product launch dates. Ensuring your designs are approved in time to be printed and delivered to target groups is essential.


5.) Who are your main competitors?

Check out the competition as  it’s an important first step in understanding how to separate the product from the pack. Clearly identify opportunities to showcase unique features when designing your print materials to ensure client and design satisfaction.

5 Design Tips for Postcards

Whether you’re a small business looking to cast a wider net with direct mail marketing or creating an innovative Save-the-Date notice for an event, here’s some essential tips for designing postcards that will make an impression straight out of the mail box.

1.) Include a photo or graphic that supports the message.

Research shows that a catching graphic or image can increase the chance of your postcard being read. An image of a person looking directly at the reader is ideal but any image that supports the message works just fine.

2.) Keep it simple.

Avoid cluttering your postcard design. Don’t try to squeeze in all the information or facts about your product or event in such a small space. Direct the reader to where they need to go to find out more. A clear message and concise design are enough to make your postcard really pop.

3.) Include a call to action.

Now that you’ve got your reader’s attention, what do you want them to do? Whether it’s RSVP to an event or a promotional discount code, tell your reader what to do next. Measurable reader actions, like the aforementioned, help to gauge the success of your postcard campaign.

4.) Accommodate mailing details.

Don’t cover up the good stuff! More often than not, postcards get printed that don’t leave enough space for postage requirements. Be sure to include a return address and enough space around important information or design elements.

5.) Proofreed, poofread, proofread!

You’ve gone to all that hard work curating the perfect design elements for your postcard so be sure to take five minutes to proofread. Unfortunately, printers don’t offer refunds if you fail to proofread your copy writing before ordering a run of 1000. Take the time and don’t rush. Check twice and print once!

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