3 Tips for Writing Compelling Call to Actions

Print marketing offers a great return on investment for many businesses. Products like coupons, business cards or direct mail postcards all offer your business the opportunity to target your audience and offer them something they need with incredible value. One way to entice your audience is to ensure you’ve written an effective “call to action.” A call to action is message or phrase that instructs your audience to do something and initiates an immediate response. Typically, a call to action will provoke a sense of urgency in the reader.


Before you place your next order, here are some quick tips for writing an enticing call to action:


  • Why not? While you want to convey value in your product, making your product accessible to consumers without risk of being roped into any complicated subscriptions or agreements is essential to the “why not” principle. A free consultation or small discount provides an outlet for consumer curiosity with little risk.
  • Tell them what to do next. Use actionable words and phrase that compel your readers to complete a task like order a trial subscription, signing for a newsletter or visiting for a free consultation. A sense of urgency helps to get conversions faster. According to cmocouncil.org, 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately so direct that action wisely and accurately to meet your business needs.
  • Know your audience. Understanding your audience is the key to knowing exactly what they need. By identifying a problem your audience may have, you’re able to create and market the solution. Positioning your brand as a go-to expert entices people to follow through on your call to action.

Postcard Marketing CTA

ePrintFast offers a range of online printing options you can use to maximize marketing campaigns. Ensuring your print materials have a clear call to action is one way to ensure a positive reaction from your target market.


eprintFast Print Reseller Program FAQs

Print Reseller

eprintFast’s print reseller program is designed to help our high-volume clients save money while maintaining the quality of a small print shop. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works and whether or not it’s a fit for your budding print business.

  1. Who can use the print reseller program?
  2. What are the benefits of the reseller program?
  3. What types of products can I order?
  4. What if I require assistance with my order(s)?
  5. Why should I choose eprintFast services?

Who can use the print reseller program?

The eprintFast print reseller program is designed for; print brokers, graphic designers, photographers, marketing agencies and businesses that create and sell printed materials. The print reseller account includes larger quantities, more sizes and more products.

What are the benefits of your print reseller accounts?

As part of your print reseller account, you will enjoy special pricing and fast turnaround on your orders. Volume discounts help reduce your printing costs and allow you to pass on savings to your customers for enhanced satisfaction and repeat business.

What types of products can I order?

Our print reseller customers can access all our printing services i.e. postcards, business cards, calendars, flyers, brochures, and more. This affordable service is applicable both for standard and custom orders.

What if I need assistance with my order?

Should you require any assistance while processing your order, we offer live voice, live chat and email support to ensure you have everything you need.

Why do print resellers choose eprintFast?

eprintFast offers high-quality, low-priced printing services. We serve a range of clients across Canada and the United States. For over 30 years, we have provided low-priced online printing with premium customer service. We make quality printing affordable; you’ll find that doing business with us is an absolutely satisfying experience.


Deliver Improved Quality and Lower Your Printing Costs!


Apply for your reseller account today.

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2015 Spring Calendars Now Available

Browse NEW 2015 Calendar Templates

Sending your clients and customers home with calendars is an effective way to stay top of mind. Your calendar will serve as a daily reminder of your businesses products or services – whether the calendar is hung on a wall in an office or, stuck on a fridge at home. Unlike postcards and flyers, or even business cards that are often discarded, your calendar is the one promotional item you can be almost certain they will keep.

eprintFast offers a selection of spring 2015 calendars and templates to choose from.

2015 calendar templates


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Business cards, postcards, greeting cards, flyers, brochures, calendars, posters, etc.; we have everything you need to connect and stay in touch with your customers. And… EVERYTHING is on sale during the month of March!

Planning seasonal specials? Launching a new product? Expanding your services or, rewarding customer loyalty? Think ahead and save by getting your printing done now. Our March special will help make your marketing dollars work harder and faster. Take advantage of our deep discounts on already low prices to reach out to your customers in creative ways.


5 Simple Design Tips That Will Make Your Postcards Standout

Whether you’re a small business looking to cast a wider net with direct mail marketing or creating an innovative Save-the-Date notice for an event, here’s some essential tips for designing postcards that will make an impression straight out of the mail box.

1.) Include a photo or graphic that supports the message.

Research shows that a catching graphic or image can increase the chance of your postcard being read. An image of a person looking directly at the reader is ideal, but any image that supports the message works just fine.

2.) Keep it simple.

Avoid cluttering your postcard design. Don’t try to squeeze in all the information or facts about your product or event in such a small space. Direct the reader to where they need to go to find out more. A clear message and concise design are enough to make your postcard really pop.

3.) Include a call to action.

Now that you’ve got your reader’s attention, what do you want them to do? Whether it’s RSVP to an event or a promotional discount code, tell your reader what to do next. Measurable reader actions, like the aforementioned, help to gauge the success of your postcard campaign.


Creating Business Cards For Photographers

The saying goes “never judge a book by its cover” right? Well, unfortunately this doesn’t apply to everything, especially when you are designing a business card. As a photographer, a creative thought out business card tells people you are smart, have great taste and therefore must be fantastic at your job!

A Couple Things to Keep in Mind:

  • When designing your business cards, think about the people you want to hire you. Choose a fitting theme, design, or image that represents the type of work relevant to the job.
  • If you want a photo on your business card, choose an iconic image that really represents your style.  TIP:  As a photographer you do not have to have a photo on your card. If your work has a characteristic color palette, choose one or several of those colors and use them instead of a photo. This will showcase your versatility in case your work changes; and not pigeon hole you into one medium.
  • The font on your cards may seem like a trivial detail, but art buyers and photo editors really pay attention to it – the key is to make it simple and easy to read. TIP: Comic Sans, Impact and Courier are your mortal enemies and should never ever be used – Ever!


New Salon and Spa Business Card Templates!

We’re overjoyed to announce a broadened assortment of Salon / Spa business card templates!

salon business card templates
Designing a business cards can be a time-consuming headache or, a costly expense. Regardless business cards remain an integral marketing tool for the salon and spa industry. Business cards provide an excellent opportunity a salon / spa to showcase their creativity and uniqueness whilst also acting as an appointment card on the reverse.


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The New Year is finally here, and when could be a better time to start spreading the word about your business? Begin the new year with superior advertising and a broadened customer base through newly designed business cards for your business!


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Standard business cards are printed on thick 14pt business card stock and include free AQ (Aqueous) coating helping to resist fingerprints and scratches.


Browse our wide selection of free, premium business card templates or upload your custom artwork. Our live support agents are never more than a click away and would be more than happy to assist your business card inquiries.


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Creating Custom Sticker Labels for Your Business

A Quick Guide to Making Print Labels and Adhesive Stickers for Your Business

 custom sticker labels

Custom sticker labels are an effective way to imprint your brand on the minds of your customers, and without them even realizing it.


Think about your shopping habits. You look for the familiar label, right? That’s the easiest way to identify your favourite brands. Whether it is the company name in a specific font and colours, the logo or a symbol, you remember it and reach for it almost subconsciously.


Adhesive stickers or print labels are one of the most versatile marketing tools any business can have. They allow you to advertise your products or services virtually anywhere. Stick them on packaging, products, walls, doors, glass bottles, a discount coupon, thank you card or any type of promotional material. They work quietly and cost-effectively, and can create as much of an impact as any other branded merchandise.


How to create custom sticker labels for your business:


  1. Create a document: Typically size 8.5 inches by 11 inches in a vertical format. For clear printing, ensure the resolution is 300 pixels per inch.
  2. Choose a shape: Use the rectangle tool, ellipse tool, rounded rectangle tool or the polygon tool to draw your label. You can even combine one or more of them for a unique shape, or distort the regular lines to make it more attractive.
  3. Add colour: Fill in any colour you want but, don’t overdo it. Also keep in mind your printing cost.
  4. Include text: Keep it simple, be concise and more importantly, ensure the font you select is readable. Then add your logo or symbol to reinforce your brand messaging.
  5. Save it as a PDF document for printing: You can still make changes later if needed.


Tip: Copy and duplicate to fill the page leaving enough space in between each custom sticker label. You can also make several versions of the adhesive sticker/print label by changing colours and your design or shape to complete the set.


Need help designing a custom sticker label? eprintFast has a wide range of creatively designed templates. We have a wide variety of shapes and printing materials for you to choose from.


If you have your own print label design, simply upload to the eprintFast site. Should you need any assistance while processing your order, we offer live voice, live chat and email support to help you.


Realtors, mortgage professionals, dental clinics, small and large businesses, marketing companies, graphic designers and print brokers across Canada and the United States rely on custom sticker label printing services from eprintFast.

eprintFast December Special – Discounts on Cards, Calendars, Flyers & Brochures

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Use the eprintFast December special to effectively connect with your customers. Postcards, greeting cards, flyers, brochures, calendars and magnets offer a variety of ways to reach your target audience. Be creative, stand out from the crowd. Take advantage of our huge price break to make a lasting impression.


Our end-of-the-year sale offers significant discounts on almost all our products. It is our way of saying thank you to our customers for their continued patronage.


Think fast! Plan ahead. Staying in touch keeps you top of mind. Utilize eprintFast coupons to reduce holiday marketing campaign expenses and get a head start on initiatives for the New Year.


Our December Printing Special:

5.5 x 8.5 postcards


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Need help designing a postcard, brochure or calendar? We have a wide range of creatively-designed templates for you to choose from.


Have your own design? Uploading it to our site is easy. Use your own designs or choose from our gallery—the results will be just as satisfying.


Should you need any assistance while processing your order, we offer live voice, live chat and email support to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Realtors, mortgage professionals, dental clinics, small and large businesses, marketing companies, graphic designers and print brokers across Canada and the United States use our high-quality, low-priced printing services to reach out and stay in touch with their clients.


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