Creating Custom Sticker Labels for Your Business

A Quick Guide to Making Print Labels and Adhesive Stickers for Your Business

 custom sticker labels

Custom sticker labels are an effective way to imprint your brand on the minds of your customers, and without them even realizing it.


Think about your shopping habits. You look for the familiar label, right? That’s the easiest way to identify your favourite brands. Whether it is the company name in a specific font and colours, the logo or a symbol, you remember it and reach for it almost subconsciously.


Adhesive stickers or print labels are one of the most versatile marketing tools any business can have. They allow you to advertise your products or services virtually anywhere. Stick them on packaging, products, walls, doors, glass bottles, a discount coupon, thank you card or any type of promotional material. They work quietly and cost-effectively, and can create as much of an impact as any other branded merchandise.


How to create custom sticker labels for your business:


  1. Create a document: Typically size 8.5 inches by 11 inches in a vertical format. For clear printing, ensure the resolution is 300 pixels per inch.
  2. Choose a shape: Use the rectangle tool, ellipse tool, rounded rectangle tool or the polygon tool to draw your label. You can even combine one or more of them for a unique shape, or distort the regular lines to make it more attractive.
  3. Add colour: Fill in any colour you want but, don’t overdo it. Also keep in mind your printing cost.
  4. Include text: Keep it simple, be concise and more importantly, ensure the font you select is readable. Then add your logo or symbol to reinforce your brand messaging.
  5. Save it as a PDF document for printing: You can still make changes later if needed.


Tip: Copy and duplicate to fill the page leaving enough space in between each custom sticker label. You can also make several versions of the adhesive sticker/print label by changing colours and your design or shape to complete the set.


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Hiring a Graphic Designer for your Small Business

Hiring a graphic designer for your small business is a big step in solidifying your company’s brand identity. The decision of whom to hire and how much to spend on design work should not be taken lightly as the wrong decision can prove costly. It is important to consider the reasons why to hire a designer and what to look for in a designer before agreeing to a logo or look that will be your corporate identity.

Why should you hire a graphic designer?

  • You don’t have an aptitude for creative design
  • Time is of the essence
  • You want to hand out print marketing materials with confidence
  • Ensure brand consistency
  • Cheaper to get a pro rather than waste time learning graphic design skills

Now that you’ve decided you should hire a designer, there are many facets of design work you need to consider before you start interviewing freelance candidates. Starting from the vision of your project to signing a cheque for services rendered, you want to communicate clear design goals to candidates.

  1. Clearly define the scale of the project and list design services needed from logo creation to business card, letterhead and promotional item design.
  2. View the designer’s online portfolio and only book a consultation if you really like their work. Confirm if the designer charges a consultation or meeting fee.
  3. Ask for references and make sure your personalities will work well together. Ensure you feel comfortable with the designer as you will need to be upfront with any changes or adjustments to their designs. An experienced designer will be able to act professionally no matter how demanding the client is.
  4. Confirm prices with detailed quotes and an hourly rate breakdown. An estimate can balloon so ask probing questions so you don’t end up surprised. Before signing on, compare costs with other designers.
  5. Find out deliverable details and number of design files included. Ensure ownership of logo designs and files for reprinting.

ePrintFast offers an easy to use upload tool for all your print marketing projects. Check out the artwork set up guide to get printing.

How to Write a Greeting Card

Seasonal greeting cards offer the unique opportunity to connect with friends and family you may not get to speak to often. Holiday letters and cards will soon be filling post office boxes with greetings of holiday cheer. Many families take the holidays as their chance to pen overly detailed newsletters that do little more than brag or boast. Learning to write a holiday newsletter or greeting card will help ensure your holiday family update doesn’t go unnoticed.

Here are four essential tips for writing a greeting card:

Get a head start. Make the holidays easy on yourself by sitting down to pen your card or newsletter early. Take time to update your address book and ensure you won’t have any greeting cards returned to sender. Give yourself time to edit, revise and run your ideas by family members. The sooner you get your cards in the post office box the sooner you will be spreading holiday joy.

Resist the urge to boast or embellish. No one likes a bragger. Family and friends expect you to keep it real and want to know the truth rather than a ridiculous presentation of your year. Avoid undignified casual mentions of recent expensive purchases or excessive luxury.

Keep it short and sweet. No one needs to know the basics of your daily morning routine or the grueling process your son went through to decide his university major. Simple and concise writing will keep your readers interested and wanting more. Pick up the phone if you want to share in detail.

End on a personal note. Draw attention back to the person you are writing to with a sincere closing. If you are using a template or newsletter style greeting, consider a short handwritten note to add a personal touch.

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Tips on How to Create the Perfect Holiday Greeting Card

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Planning your holiday greeting cards? Great! It is always good to start early. That way you have more time to think about your message and design. Read our tips below to learn how to create personalized greeting cards that will strike the right note.


Holiday Greeting Card Tips


  • Be mindful – There is no point in sending Christmas greeting cards to individuals or families who do not celebrate this festival
  • Personalize it – Perhaps with a special message or a picture
  • Sign it – In your own handwriting; it adds a special touch
  • Send it to the right place – For business associates, send it to their office address; for co-workers, send it to their homes
  • Don’t mail too early - Aim for the holiday greeting cards to reach the recipients by the middle of December
  • Include your address – Having a return address makes it easier for the person/family to stay connected with you
  • Don’t use an eCard – It does not convey the same feeling; take advantage of eprintFast specials for economical Christmas and personalized greeting cards


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Postcards, flyers, greeting cards (and other forms of direct mail) are a highly personalized and targeted way to connect with your target audience. In fact, market research indicates that direct mail campaigns have a higher degree of success than many other forms of customer communication. Used individually or to support your other branding and marketing efforts, they are one of the most cost-effective ways that small and medium businesses can use to reach their customers and prospects.


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The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing:


  • Personalized – The personal touch (client’s name) has proven to be more persuasive. It also puts your message directly in your prospect/customer’s hands.
  • Highly targeted – It is directed at a specific audience and is likely to yield better results
  • Tangible – Since it is on paper, it is harder to ignore. Chances are it will be picked up and read more than once.
  • Familiar format – Most people are still receptive to mail received by post (many are suspicious of emails).
  • Versatile – You can create any style or shape that meets your needs.
  • Measurable – Including coupons or a return envelope, for instance, is one of the easiest ways to measure the campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Proven results -  The tried and tested method of communicating with customers offers a higher reach at a significantly lower price.


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Products to Promote your Salon

You’ve worked hard to open your salon or spa so ePrintFast has created a range of products to take the effort out of promoting your business. Making a good first impression has always been important in the beauty industry therefore nourishing customer relations should always be a priority.

Here are some simple print marketing solutions for ensuring customer brand loyalty:

  1. Appointment cards ensure clients attend return visits on time. Ensuring business details are on card make they share-able and easy for customers to pass along for referrals to friends and family.

  2. Give your attendants business cards. Empower your staff to share their love of your business with their friends, family and acquaintances. General or personalized business cards for every team member helps get the word out about your salon fast.

  3. Introduce a Gift Certificate program to improve holiday and year round sales. With holiday season fast approaching, the timing has never been better to start selling gift certificates for your spa. Get your customers to treat their friends and family by offering gift certificates.

  4. Greeting cards are a great way to keep in touch with your clients. If you capture information like date of birth, send a friendly birthday greeting and extend a promotional offer. Holiday cards remind clients of your business when gift buying season is at its peak.

  5. List services on postcards. Postcards are a fantastic multipurpose print marketing product. Use postcards to list services, offer promotions, or as invitations to salon events.

  6. Use business cards to promote loyalty program. Introducing a loyalty program for return customers is an easy way to promote your business and ensure business. Business cards lend themselves easily to this sort of promotion.

The ePrintFast Salon, Spa and Beauty Business Marketing Center offers a range of products specifically designed to propel your business to ultimate success. Make a great first impression and have a lasting relationship with your customers using our free templates for all your online print marketing needs.

How to Write a Sales Letter

Writing an introductory sales letter is a vital step in any campaign. Despite living in a digital age, many sales professionals find that meaningful leads are generated the old-fashioned way — through direct mail. While constructing a sales pitch can be tricky for small business owners, it is important to get your letter read to spark interest and drive sales. Here are some simple tips for constructing a sales letter that will garner results:

  1. Capture your reader’s attention by personalizing the letter with the person’s name and identifying how your product can address their individual needs. Try using a catchy headline or tagline that will catch attention and draw the reader’s eye down the page.

  2. Direct your reader to action with a strong incentive but be sure to show what the positive outcome will be. Even the best call to action can fall flat unless it shows a clear path to success in rectifying a problem your customer may have.

  3. Follow through on promises and never offer an incentive without intending to honour it. While it is important to direct your reader to action, it is equally important to demonstrate how you will work collaboratively with your client to deliver what your company is selling. Setting clear expectations helps avoid confusion when your client is ready to sign on the dotted line.

  4. Organize your letter and include a postscript as it piques reader interest and directs the eye through the body of the letter to the bottom of the page. A clear P.S at the bottom of the page is a great way to capture interest especially when someone is skim reading.

ePrintFast offers a range of high quality letterhead and envelopes to help promote the professional image of your growing business. Easy templates and the option to use the design online tool makes creating your own professional products simple just a few clicks away.


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