3 Tips for Writing a Call to Action

Print marketing offers a great return on investment for many businesses. Products like coupons, business cards or direct mail postcards all offer your business the opportunity to target your audience and offer them something they need with incredible value. One way to entice your audience is to ensure you’ve written an effective “call to action.” A call to action is message or phrase that instructs your audience to do something and initiates an immediate response. Typically, a call to action will provoke a sense of urgency in the reader.

Before you place your next order, here are some quick tips for writing an enticing call to action:

Why not? While you want to convey value in your product, making your product accessible to consumers without risk of being roped into any complicated subscriptions or agreements is essential to the “why not” principle. A free consultation or small discount provides an outlet for consumer curiosity with little risk.

Tell them what to do next. Use actionable words and phrase that compel your readers to complete a task like order a trial subscription, signing for a newsletter or visiting for a free consultation. A sense of urgency helps to get conversions faster. According to cmocouncil.org, 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately so direct that action wisely and accurately to meet your business needs.

Know your audience. Understanding your audience is the key to knowing exactly what they need. By identifying a problem your audience may have, you’re able to create and market the solution. Positioning your brand as a go-to expert entices people to follow through on your call to action.

ePrintFast offers a range of online printing options you can use to maximize marketing campaigns. Ensuring your print materials have a clear call to action is one way to ensure a positive reaction from your target market.


Student Business Cards: Why You Should Have One

As a student, in addition to taking classes and participating in extracurricular activities, one of the best things you can do is start growing your professional network.  Finding key people in your industry and building relationships with them throughout your college career can make a world of difference once you graduate and start looking for employment.  However, therein lies the challenge: establishing those relationships and making yourself memorable.  The solutions? Have – and use – a student business card.


There are multiple advantages to having a business card as a student.  First and foremost, it shows that you have given thought to your professional appearance, and your personal brand.  A business card is a simple way to impress a potential employer, proving that you take yourself seriously and truly care about your professional reputation.  Simply stated, a business card shows that you mean business; a quality that anyone in your network – including potential employers – will find valuable.


It gives you a reason to trade business cards with other individuals.  Sometimes, asking someone for their business card without having anything to hand back to them can be a bit uncomfortable.  Having your own business card breaks the ice and activates what we call the ‘Law of Reciprocity’: when you hand your business card to someone, it’s likely that they’ll hand theirs back.  And if they do, you’ve most likely just received an invitation to stay in touch with them, which is worth its weight in gold!


More obviously, having a business card as a student puts your information at your network’s disposal.  You’ve given your network a way to get in touch with you in a way that’s a bit more personal than, say, a LinkedIn connection.  With that in mind, you may want to register for a professional email address in lieu of using your .edu address.  This is another small, but powerful detail, that can go miles in building your reputation.


A business card for a student can be an incredibly powerful tool.  With consistent use, they allow you to singlehandedly build your professional network and collect important contact information from key influencers in your field, all while you’re still in school.  And the best benefit, of course: when you need to leverage your connections, they’ll remember you as poised, reputable, and most importantly of all, professional.

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Musician Business Cards – What You Should Include

Being a professional musician isn’t an easy gig.  It’s a career that’s driven not only by talent, but also ‘who you know’.  In fact, networking is a key element of any musician’s career.  Because the competition is so high, it’s important for you to stand out, not only in your musical ability but also in your professional representation.  This is why, as a musician, having quality and professional business cards are integral to your success.  We’ve helped hundreds of musicians print their business cards, so we thought we’d share our tips on what’s absolutely essential for every musician’s business card:


: Let’s start with the design.  Like any business card, a musician’s business card should feature a clear design without very many graphics.  A cluttered business card will only make it harder for potential clients to book you, so keep your design minimal and streamlined. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you can’t use colors.  A musician needs to be represented as creative, but you certainly want to strike the balance between creative and professional.


Contact Details: This is the most obvious part of the business card and what the card is used to communicate.  Make your contact information the core of the card: your card’s font should be large and easy to read.  It should also include the best ways to get in touch with you so include one phone number (preferably a cell phone) and an email address.  If you don’t have an email address, we suggest registering for a free one, because many times, it’s how booking agents choose to communicate.


Website: If you have a professional website, this is the perfect place to include it.  Even better if your website features music selections from past gigs and information about your current performing schedule.  If you don’t have a website, you can add additional information to your card about what instruments you play and what type of music you specialize in…but, to our point below:


Don’t Include Too Much Information: Including too much information about yourself can harm you more than it can help you.  You don’t need to list the places you’ve recently performed at or how long you’ve been playing.  Additionally, you don’t need to fill your business card with unnecessary clipart images of guitars, drums and the like.  Remember, the key is to keep your business card simple and clear.


A business card is by far the best, most convenient way to establish a connection with a booking agency, promoter or restaurant/bar owner.  Designing your card with clarity and consistency and including the most important information, such as your contact details, are true best practices when it comes to a musician’s business card.  Use these tips to help present yourself in a professional and memorable manner – and make sure you keep practicing – so you’re prepared for when the gigs start rolling in!

Marketing Tip: Versatile Uses for Rack Cards

Rack cards are one of the most versatile and affordable print marketing options. Rack cards are commonly used by restaurants, hotels and landmarks for display racks and stands. Businesses often use multipurpose designs in order to be budget conscious when making a large order to use rack cards in-house and for mail-outs.

Ways to Use Rack Cards:

  • Product Advertising: Rack cards can be used to advertise specific products or offers.

  • Price List: A well designed price list helps clients clearly identify products and prices.

  • Bookmark: Creating marketing materials that are useful keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

  • Product Tags: Use elegant and professional images and fonts when designing perfectly branded product price tags.

  • Magazine Insert: You can add inserts quickly and inexpensively to magazine, booklets and folders that need up to date information.

  • Event Card: Promote your next event by ordering in bulk to guarantee maximum distribution.

  • Mini Menus: Our various sized rack cards allow for the perfect menu for your catering company, food truck or take out restaurant.

Rack Card Design Tips:

  • Brand your rack card with a logo and copy that shares your company’s image and tone. Establishing a clear first impression with potential clients will help let them know what you’re all about.

  • Make them multipurpose. Ensure your design is versatile enough to be displayed in public areas and used for direct mail campaigns.

  • Keep your content focused. A clear message and call-to-action will let customers know why you’re better than the competition.

  • Proofread once and then proofread again. Spelling, grammatical errors and mistakes with your company address are easily avoided with a little care.

ePrintFast has great prices on high quality rack cards in quantities that can fit all your online print marketing needs. Our options include using our free handy templates, uploading a design of your own or using our online design tool. Check out all our size and quantity options!

How to Write a Thank You Note

Writing thank you notes has become a bit of a lost art form in terms of both personal and business etiquette. The importance of showing sincere gratitude on a personal and business level is something that should not be lost even in this age of digital e-mail and text messaging. The tactile experience is always impactful and people love receiving mail that isn’t an invoice or bill reminder. Never doubt the impact of a thoughtful  handwritten note when the occasion strikes. Keeping a stack of thank you specific greeting cards on hand is one way to keep expressing gratitude at the top of your to do list.

Occasions for thank you notes, include:


  • Baby and wedding showers

  • After receipt of a gift for a birthday, shower, graduation or sympathy

  • If someone gave you support when you needed it

  • A note to a host for throwing a great party or letting you stay at their home


  • After a job interview

  • Customer appreciation or to follow up on a sales lead

  • To teammates who assisted on a project

  • Customer referrals

Now that you know when to send a thank you note, here’s a few simple rules to follow:

DO send your thank you note quickly

DO be sincere

DO write it by hand

DO spell check the note before sending

DO reference the event/gift/occasion that you are giving thanks for


DON’T wait too long to send your note

DON’T be over the top with gratitude

DON’T send a note with an inappropriate tone to business associates

DON’T use stationary that is cheap looking or not appropriate for the occasion

DON’T be rude about a gift you received that you may not have liked

ePrintFast has many products that can be used for either personal or professional thank you notes. Upload your personalized greeting card design or design one online using our handy tool. Keep your business stationery, letterhead and envelopes in-stock to send out a quick note whenever necessary.

Marketing Tip: How to Use Flyers

Printing flyers (or leaflets) is a great and inexpensive way to attract new customers to your business. Various distribution methods and uses can impact the range of your campaign. Using flyers creatively can win customers over for a long term return on investment. Consider distributing flyers by handing them out, leaving them in mailboxes or under windshield wipers to advertise your business services to a large range of people.

Ways to use flyers:

  • Sale Flyers: Promote upcoming sales and offer customers something that gives you an edge over the competition.

  • Handouts: Leaflets can contain all sorts of useful information. Be sure to keep your handouts clear and concise to avoid any confusion.

  • Take-Out Menus: Don’t just print flyers for ads! High quality flyers can be printed to use as take out menus for your restaurant or catering service. Include appealing font choices and delicious food photos to really entice patrons.

  • Event/Party Flyers: Promote your next event by ordering in bulk to guarantee maximum distribution.

  • Price Sheets: Let your customers know you mean business with a professional and well designed price sheets. Use high quality flyer paper when printing documents for your business.

  • Inserts: You can add flyers quickly and inexpensively to booklets or folders that need up to date information. Local newspapers often allow you to include an insert for a fee.

Flyer Design Tips:

  • Use a template if your campaign is on a tight budget to keep your brand looking professional

  • Keep it brief. Draw customers in but don’t overwhelm them

  • Include a call-to-action

  • Let potential customers know why you are better than the competition

  • Place your contact information in an easy to read place so people know how to reach you

ePrintFast has great prices on high quality flyers in quantities that can fit all your online print marketing needs. Take an additional 20% off your next flyer purchase by ordering before June 30th, 2014 using promotional code FLYERS20.

Are you a Mompreneur?

Image via Entrepreneur.com

Being a Mom doesn’t have to mean the end of your career. Motherhood could be the beginning of a whole new career! Maybe you’re looking for a job that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice time with your new bundle of joy or maybe motherhood has inspired you to start your own business from scratch. Whatever the reason for starting your new venture, print marketing is an important step in promoting your brand.

Here’s some exciting business ideas for budding “Mompreneurs”:

Fitness or Yoga Instructor: Many mothers enjoy pre and post natal fitness classes as a way to bond with other moms and their children. Catapult your love of fitness by starting your own business. Become a registered yoga instructor or fitness instructor and make your own hours. Promotional coupons sent via direct mail postcard campaigns are a great way to introduce yourself to new potential clients.  

Mommy Blogger: Blogging isn’t just for teenagers anymore. Do you have a knack for writing and an expertise in creating meaningful and useful content? If so, public relations firms, advertisers and businesses will soon come calling in order to establish a relationship. Make sure you are ready to seize important product placement opportunities by ordering professional business cards to hand out at networking events.

Bookkeeping: Numbers, charts and arithmetic more your thing?  Consider starting your own bookkeeping business and crunch some numbers while the kids are counting sheep. Take your business from home office to professional with branded stationery, envelopes and folders when presenting the cold hard numbers to clients.  

Daycare: Run around after all the kids in the neighborhood! Daycare business can be a great way to make money while staying at home. Entertaining and caring for multiple kids won’t be easy but it’s a great way to make some cash while staying at home. Let the neighborhood know your home is open for business with posters and flyers for local bulletin boards and school newsletter inserts.

eprintfast has many exciting options for all Mompreneurs to market and brand their start-up ventures. Check out our free templates and sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay on top of upcoming deals.

Cost-Effective Forms of Postcard Printing

Postcards are a valuable direct marketing tool and offer many different ways to connect with your customers and prospects in Toronto. Creating an attractive postcard, however, can be a significant investment, so you need to be sure it will pay off and deliver the results you seek. Smart planning can help reduce postcard printing costs. Here are some valuable pointers on how to lower your designing and printing expenses.

 5 ways to save money on postcard printing:

  • Use pre-designed templates: Create your own postcards with the help of pre-designed templates instead of incurring the additional expensive of a professional designer. ePrintFast has hundreds of postcard design templates to select from, including some industry-specific choices. Do not, however, print on your home or office printer to save money. It looks unprofessional and reflects poorly on your business image. Use professional online services for quality work that is affordable.
  • Avoid fancy paper and font type: Fancy paper and finishes push your costs higher. Certain font types also use more ink increasing postcard printing expenses even further. Unless you need to incur these costs and are assured of good return on investment, stick to standard paper and ask your printer for more cost-effective font choices.
  • Opt for standard postcard shapes: The printing and mailing of non-standard sizes and shapes can cost more. It may be more profitable to stick with the standard 4×6”.
  • Print and mail in bulk: The larger the printing order, the lower the cost per postcard. You may even be able to avail of discounts on bulk postage or at least save the time and effort of mailing a few at a time.
  • Use both sides: It provides a lot more room for content and also looks better. Use the front to get the prospect’s attention and back to provide important details.

Identify your target audience, pick a creative design and use a concise and compelling message to connect with your prospects. A higher response rate = better cost per postcard.

ePrintFast offers high quality postcard printing at extremely competitive rates. Why use a professional designer when our creatively designed templates can get the job done cost-effectively? A wide range of options allow you the ability to personalize output resulting in stunning, one-of-kind postcards for your Toronto customers. Already have your own design ready? Go ahead and upload your postcard design online.

With ePrintFast, printing is both convenient and affordable. We will get your order to you in no time. Realtors, mortgage professionals, dental clinics, small and large businesses, marketing companies, graphic designers and print brokers all across Canada and the United States choose our high-quality solutions postcard printing to get the results they need.

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Business Card Design Tips for Entrepreneurs

A business card is your primary marketing tool. Attractive and compelling presentations deliver results. Pay attention to your business card design. Make that first impression count!

There are many design options to choose from but business cards typically fall into five main categories. Understanding how each one works will help you make the right choice for your needs.

How business card designs work:

  • Basic business cards: Typically black and white (or cream stock), these get straight to the point and are ideal for clients and prospects who just want the facts. If your target audience fits into this category, choose a simple design and ensure the text is minimal, clear and concise.
  • Picture business cards: Having your face (a photo or a drawing or caricature) on the business card promotes recall value the next time you meet a prospect or client. Certain images or pictures may also better represent your product or service. Use a splash of colour to help your card stand out from the rest.
  • Tactile business cards: How your business card ‘feels’ can also make a distinct impression on your prospects. You can choose from a variety of non-standard materials like metal or wood, or have unusual shapes, edges, folds or embossing instead. Tactile cards are more expensive but the response they can generate may be worth the price.
  • Multi-purpose business cards. A business card has many purposes other than simply promoting your name and business. It can also serve as a discount coupon, an appointment reminder or provide valuable information connected with your industry e.g. a local map for hotel guests. Use it creatively or ask the creative team at ePrintFast for ideas.
  • Creative business cards: A little bit of imagination can go a long way in making sure you are remembered and will get a quick or immediate response. Whether you choose to be widely original, flamboyant or extravagant, it will cost you those extra dollars. Should you decide to go out on a limb, make sure the end justifies the means. That’s the main purpose isn’t it—results?

ePrintFast offers premium quality business cards at affordable rates. We can help you make that first impression last. A variety of business card design options (including paper, material and size) accommodate wide ranging needs. Choose from hundreds of creatively designed templates or upload your custom design online. Realtors, mortgage professionals, dental clinics, small and large businesses, marketing companies, graphic designers and print brokers all across Toronto, Canada and the United States rely on us for their print marketing needs.

ePrintFast  business card printing services offer convenience, quality and cost-efficiency.

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‘Actionable’ Postcards Promote More Profitable Conversations

“Actionable” postcards make for profitable conversations. Isn’t that the main goal—to get your prospects to connect with you?

Your business postcards have three main purposes:

  1. Reaching out to your target audience
  2. Showcasing your product/service
  3. Persuading prospects to contact you

Make the most of your direct mail campaigns with fresh and compelling postcard designs that will help you connect with your audience and convert more customers.  Do not reuse stale designs. Not only is it a wasted opportunity but it might put your customers off forever.

How-To Create Actionable Postcards:

  • Use bold colours: Colour helps you attract attention by making your postcards stand out from the rest of the mail pile. This is the first step in connecting with your prospects. There are many options available, so choose carefully. You want your postcard to be classy rather than garish. Opt for digital printing as it is more cost-effective.
  • Custom size: You do not have to stick with the standard 4-inch by 6-inch size. Remember you want to be seen and larger postcards get noticed more easily.
  • Be direct: Keep the text simple and direct. Ensure it conveys your message clearly. Do not use too many words or your postcard might find its way to the garbage. All you need is a:
    • Compelling headline
    • List of features and benefits
    • Exciting offer
    • Strong call to action
  • Give an incentive: A special offer, coupon or discount is the best way to get your prospects to take immediate action. Motivate them to do business with you. Remember to include a way to track results, for example, a promotional code.
  • Get your printer’s advice: Talk to them about design elements such as special sizes, type of paper and other custom features that will grab your prospects’ attention. They might have some valuable suggestions to offer.

Use postcards the right way – to generate more business for your company.

ePrintFast offers top quality postcard printing at discounted rates. We have a wide range of paper, sizes and designs to help you make a great impression. Hundreds of professionals in Toronto, Canada and the United States including realtors, mortgage professionals, dental clinics, small and large businesses, marketing companies, graphic designers and print brokers rely on us for their marketing needs.

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