Tips on How to Create the Perfect Holiday Greeting Card

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Planning your holiday greeting cards? Great! It is always good to start early. That way you have more time to think about your message and design. Read our tips below to learn how to create personalized greeting cards that will strike the right note.


Holiday Greeting Card Tips


  • Be mindful – There is no point in sending Christmas greeting cards to individuals or families who do not celebrate this festival
  • Personalize it – Perhaps with a special message or a picture
  • Sign it – In your own handwriting; it adds a special touch
  • Send it to the right place – For business associates, send it to their office address; for co-workers, send it to their homes
  • Don’t mail too early - Aim for the holiday greeting cards to reach the recipients by the middle of December
  • Include your address – Having a return address makes it easier for the person/family to stay connected with you
  • Don’t use an eCard – It does not convey the same feeling; take advantage of eprintFast specials for economical Christmas and personalized greeting cards


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Postcards, flyers, greeting cards (and other forms of direct mail) are a highly personalized and targeted way to connect with your target audience. In fact, market research indicates that direct mail campaigns have a higher degree of success than many other forms of customer communication. Used individually or to support your other branding and marketing efforts, they are one of the most cost-effective ways that small and medium businesses can use to reach their customers and prospects.


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The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing:


  • Personalized – The personal touch (client’s name) has proven to be more persuasive. It also puts your message directly in your prospect/customer’s hands.
  • Highly targeted – It is directed at a specific audience and is likely to yield better results
  • Tangible – Since it is on paper, it is harder to ignore. Chances are it will be picked up and read more than once.
  • Familiar format – Most people are still receptive to mail received by post (many are suspicious of emails).
  • Versatile – You can create any style or shape that meets your needs.
  • Measurable – Including coupons or a return envelope, for instance, is one of the easiest ways to measure the campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Proven results -  The tried and tested method of communicating with customers offers a higher reach at a significantly lower price.


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Products to Promote your Salon

You’ve worked hard to open your salon or spa so ePrintFast has created a range of products to take the effort out of promoting your business. Making a good first impression has always been important in the beauty industry therefore nourishing customer relations should always be a priority.

Here are some simple print marketing solutions for ensuring customer brand loyalty:

  1. Appointment cards ensure clients attend return visits on time. Ensuring business details are on card make they share-able and easy for customers to pass along for referrals to friends and family.

  2. Give your attendants business cards. Empower your staff to share their love of your business with their friends, family and acquaintances. General or personalized business cards for every team member helps get the word out about your salon fast.

  3. Introduce a Gift Certificate program to improve holiday and year round sales. With holiday season fast approaching, the timing has never been better to start selling gift certificates for your spa. Get your customers to treat their friends and family by offering gift certificates.

  4. Greeting cards are a great way to keep in touch with your clients. If you capture information like date of birth, send a friendly birthday greeting and extend a promotional offer. Holiday cards remind clients of your business when gift buying season is at its peak.

  5. List services on postcards. Postcards are a fantastic multipurpose print marketing product. Use postcards to list services, offer promotions, or as invitations to salon events.

  6. Use business cards to promote loyalty program. Introducing a loyalty program for return customers is an easy way to promote your business and ensure business. Business cards lend themselves easily to this sort of promotion.

The ePrintFast Salon, Spa and Beauty Business Marketing Center offers a range of products specifically designed to propel your business to ultimate success. Make a great first impression and have a lasting relationship with your customers using our free templates for all your online print marketing needs.

How to Write a Sales Letter

Writing an introductory sales letter is a vital step in any campaign. Despite living in a digital age, many sales professionals find that meaningful leads are generated the old-fashioned way — through direct mail. While constructing a sales pitch can be tricky for small business owners, it is important to get your letter read to spark interest and drive sales. Here are some simple tips for constructing a sales letter that will garner results:

  1. Capture your reader’s attention by personalizing the letter with the person’s name and identifying how your product can address their individual needs. Try using a catchy headline or tagline that will catch attention and draw the reader’s eye down the page.

  2. Direct your reader to action with a strong incentive but be sure to show what the positive outcome will be. Even the best call to action can fall flat unless it shows a clear path to success in rectifying a problem your customer may have.

  3. Follow through on promises and never offer an incentive without intending to honour it. While it is important to direct your reader to action, it is equally important to demonstrate how you will work collaboratively with your client to deliver what your company is selling. Setting clear expectations helps avoid confusion when your client is ready to sign on the dotted line.

  4. Organize your letter and include a postscript as it piques reader interest and directs the eye through the body of the letter to the bottom of the page. A clear P.S at the bottom of the page is a great way to capture interest especially when someone is skim reading.

ePrintFast offers a range of high quality letterhead and envelopes to help promote the professional image of your growing business. Easy templates and the option to use the design online tool makes creating your own professional products simple just a few clicks away.


Direct Mail Postcard Design Tips

Direct Mail Marketing Postcards

Direct mail postcards are a smart, cost-efficient way to get in touch with prospects and stay connected with your customers. Pay careful attention to the postcard design so that you can create an impression that will lead to a positive response.


5 tips for effective direct mail postcard design:


  1. Use bold colours: It is the best way to get attention and distinguish yourself from the crowd. Digital printing options enable you to use colour without busting your budget.
  2. Go for custom sizing: Larger postcards, unusual shapes and creative designs will help you stand out when compared to the other traditional sizes that may also come in the mail.
  3. Be direct: Keep your message (text) simple and direct. Get to the point to promote quick action.
  4. Make a special offer: Few customers will say no to a special discount. What better way to get them to respond?
  5. Consult your printer: Established direct mail printers have valuable advice, ready design templates and special discounts to help you get started.


Use creative direct mail postcard designs to capture and retain your customers’ attention.


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Business Card Design Tips for Entrepreneurs

Your business card design plays a critical part in connecting with your prospects, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises with tight advertising budgets. It goes beyond providing contact information about your company to showcase your business style and persuade customers to call you.


Business card design tips to remember


  • Use a template: It provides important guidelines for colour, image size, fonts and your logo. You may select one online or choose from among the ones your printer offers.
  • Choose size and layout: There are many shapes, sizes and layouts for you to choose from. See what is appropriate for your industry, target audience and brand identity.
  • Don’t overdo the logo: It should not interfere with the overall visual impact or message.
  • Don’t forget the contact information: Your business card is virtually useless without it. Include social media contacts like your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles as well.
  • Be careful with colour: Readability is important, so avoid colours that are too bright or dark.
  • Remember to proofread: Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Also ensure that images and important details are not cut off.


Use smart business card designs to make an impact on your customers and get them to connect with you.


eprintFast has hundreds of business card designs for you to choose from. We also offer a wide range of paper, sizes and designs to help you make a positive impression.


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Marketing Tip: Write a Great Slogan

Incorporating a catchy slogan into your logo design is one way to connect with your customers. A slogan, like a logo, should help customers recall your brand with immediacy and in a positive light. Including a slogan on print marketing materials is one way to keep your branding consistent and unified in its marketing goals.

Here are some quick tips for writing a great slogan for your brand:

1.) Keep it short and sweet

The more concise the better when penning your brand’s slogan. Slogans should be a quick phrase or couple short sentences. Do not overly embellish your slogan and refrain from long run-on sentences.

2.) Give it rhythm and rhyme

Alliteration and consonance are your new best friends. You don’t need to be Shakespeare but being able to create an appealing phonetic agreement is important. People remember things better when it has fluidity and rhyme. Sing-songy slogans fair a much better chance of being remembered than something awkward and wordy.

3.) Detail a product benefit

Your product has something no other product can offer so sing it loud and proud. Highlighting a specific product benefits provides a solution to a consumer problem your customer didn’t even know they had.

4.) Make it funny if appropriate

Is there something quirky about your product or how people use your product? If appropriate, make your slogan humorous. Tasteful humor is a great equalizer among various target groups so share the chuckles.

5.) Ensure claims are honest and truthful

While slogans can be fun and catchy, they should always been honest and truthful. Liability is always a concern when writing a new slogan for your brand. A dishonest claim can be detrimental to the integrity of your product as it is difficult to regain consumer trust once it has been broken.

3 Tips for Writing a Call to Action

Print marketing offers a great return on investment for many businesses. Products like coupons, business cards or direct mail postcards all offer your business the opportunity to target your audience and offer them something they need with incredible value. One way to entice your audience is to ensure you’ve written an effective “call to action.” A call to action is message or phrase that instructs your audience to do something and initiates an immediate response. Typically, a call to action will provoke a sense of urgency in the reader.

Before you place your next order, here are some quick tips for writing an enticing call to action:

Why not? While you want to convey value in your product, making your product accessible to consumers without risk of being roped into any complicated subscriptions or agreements is essential to the “why not” principle. A free consultation or small discount provides an outlet for consumer curiosity with little risk.

Tell them what to do next. Use actionable words and phrase that compel your readers to complete a task like order a trial subscription, signing for a newsletter or visiting for a free consultation. A sense of urgency helps to get conversions faster. According to, 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately so direct that action wisely and accurately to meet your business needs.

Know your audience. Understanding your audience is the key to knowing exactly what they need. By identifying a problem your audience may have, you’re able to create and market the solution. Positioning your brand as a go-to expert entices people to follow through on your call to action.

ePrintFast offers a range of online printing options you can use to maximize marketing campaigns. Ensuring your print materials have a clear call to action is one way to ensure a positive reaction from your target market.


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