‘Actionable’ Postcards Promote Profitable Conversations

“Actionable” postcards make for profitable conversations. Isn’t that the main goal—to get your prospects to connect with you?

Your business postcards have three main purposes:

  1. Reaching out to your target audience
  2. Showcasing your product/service
  3. Persuading prospects to contact you

Make the most of your direct mail campaigns with fresh and compelling postcard designs that will help you connect with your audience and convert more customers.  Do not reuse stale designs. Not only is it a wasted opportunity but it might put your customers off forever.

How-To Create Actionable Postcards:

  • Use bold colours: Colour helps you attract attention by making your postcards stand out from the rest of the mail pile. This is the first step in connecting with your prospects. There are many options available, so choose carefully. You want your postcard to be classy rather than garish. Opt for digital printing as it is more cost-effective.
  • Custom size: You do not have to stick with the standard 4-inch by 6-inch size. Remember you want to be seen and larger postcards get noticed more easily.
  • Be direct: Keep the text simple and direct. Ensure it conveys your message clearly. Do not use too many words or your postcard might find its way to the garbage. All you need is a:
    • Compelling headline
    • List of features and benefits
    • Exciting offer
    • Strong call to action
  • Give an incentive: A special offer, coupon or discount is the best way to get your prospects to take immediate action. Motivate them to do business with you. Remember to include a way to track results, for example, a promotional code.
  • Get your printer’s advice: Talk to them about design elements such as special sizes, type of paper and other custom features that will grab your prospects’ attention. They might have some valuable suggestions to offer.

Use postcards the right way – to generate more business for your company.

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Print Tools for Musicians: Download Cards

Singfest Music Festival - Day 1

Download cards are a great way to get a fan or music industry professional to listen to your music.  They contain a link to an MP3 music download of one of your songs or albums.  In an age where everyone relies heavily on technology, download cards are a powerful new music industry marketing medium.

Promoting your band with the use of download cards can be done in many different ways.  You may want to use them as business cards to hand out to music industry professionals, so after the conversation has ended they have a physical, visual and musical representation of what your band is about.  Give them away for free to fans and music festival attendees.  This is a great way to entice and grow a new fan base.  When fans buy merchandise at your shows include a download card so they feel appreciated and like they are getting even more value for their money.

Included on your download card should be the music, website and any other promotional information you want your fans to access.  QR codes can be used on download cards too if you have a lot of information you want to share.

The design and graphics of the download card are important as well.  Like any print advertising medium you want to use something that is eye-catching and edgy.  Your bands logo or a photo of the band are great designs ideas to incorporate.   Create your own design or use our free easy to use templates.

Don’t miss out this festival season, and order your download cards today.

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Print Tools for Musicians: Drop cards


Drop cards are a print marketing medium that can be used to bring more awareness to your band and upcoming shows.  Drop cards are the size of business cards and can be conveniently “dropped” or left in high traffic areas for people to notice and find out about your show or upcoming releases.

The information you include on a drop card is extremely important.  It is a good idea to put something catchy or attention grabbing that people will want to read.  You want the information on the card to be detailed, but short and to the point, and leave them wanting a little bit more.  Upcoming shows or website and social media details are great things to put on drop cards.  If you want to incorporate a lot of information on a drop card you can use a QR code, which when scanned will bring the recipient to a landing page or website with all of the information on it.

The design and graphic of the drop card is equally important to the information on the card.  Eye catching, edgy and exciting designs will work best to represent your band and encourage people to look at them.  You can use your own design or use one of our templates to create your perfect design.

Drop cards can be distributed virtually anywhere.  Creative places to leave drop cards are on the windshield of cars, tucked into newspapers in convenience stores, or “dropped” in high traffic areas such as music venues, shopping malls and movie theaters.  However, be careful not to litter venues and create mess and garbage for the venue owners.

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Postcard Marketing: Building A Highly Targeted Mailing List For Your Business

Marketing is an essential element of an organization that helps in reaching out to its customers. It should not be considered as an expense. Instead, it is an investment that not only retains existing customers but helps to gain new customers as well.

There are many new and advanced ways of marketing but the conventional methods are also good and usually hit the jackpot. Postcard marketing is one such method through which a business can reach out to its customers. Postcards are a simple way of conveying your message through images and text.

Building a Highly Targeted Mailing List for Your Postcard Marketing

The mailing list is very important aspect in any direct marketing. Many marketers spend a great deal and money on building the perfect mailing lists. The reason for all this is that you might have a great product and a killer mail piece but if you don’t have the proper target mail lists or audience your efforts will undoubtedly go to waste.

The importance of building a targeted mailing list is one of the most misunderstood or overlooked aspects of an online business. This is because some of the methods used by some internet marketers are by one time transactions as opposed to creating a passive income and having regular customers.

Persistent Postcard Marketing To Reach The Ultimate In Business Success.

In a modern global economy, customers are becoming easier to reach and there are literally thousands of methods that a company can use to advertise to potential customers. There are the more traditional advertising methods, such as radio ads, television ads, and internet banner ads, and then there are the more non-descript type of advertisements such as postcards.

Advertising with postcards is a great way to reach your potential customers because it’s a different type of advertising that will stand out to your customers and it will leave an indelible mark in their minds.

Postcard Marketing Tips that will Supercharge Your Sales!

In a high-tech world of emails, web technology and online internet marketing, you might be forgiven for thinking that any marketing that doesn’t involve a server and a web browser is a wasted effort.

Think again.

If your sales are flagging, could it be that your prospects would be most likely to respond to something a little more personal – like a postcard?

Not everyone is connected to the World Wide Web, especially the older generation, and there are many people who feel more comfortable in doing business offline.

How Postcard Marketing Can Deliver the Highest ROI for Your Business.

In today’s world of business, promotion can be considered as a health supplement or an immune booster for a certain business or company. As we all know, the life and blood of a business is its customers. With successful promotion and an effective marketing campaign, businesses can attract more and more customers which is definitely an important goal of any enterprise.

While you may use some online and other traditional marketing tactics, you should try exploring the benefits of postcards and learn how postcard marketing can really offer your business the highest return on investment (ROI) possible.

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