Print Tools for Musicians: Download Cards

Singfest Music Festival - Day 1

Download cards are a great way to get a fan or music industry professional to listen to your music.  They contain a link to an MP3 music download of one of your songs or albums.  In an age where everyone relies heavily on technology, download cards are a powerful new music industry marketing medium.

Promoting your band with the use of download cards can be done in many different ways.  You may want to use them as business cards to hand out to music industry professionals, so after the conversation has ended they have a physical, visual and musical representation of what your band is about.  Give them away for free to fans and music festival attendees.  This is a great way to entice and grow a new fan base.  When fans buy merchandise at your shows include a download card so they feel appreciated and like they are getting even more value for their money.

Included on your download card should be the music, website and any other promotional information you want your fans to access.  QR codes can be used on download cards too if you have a lot of information you want to share.

The design and graphics of the download card are important as well.  Like any print advertising medium you want to use something that is eye-catching and edgy.  Your bands logo or a photo of the band are great designs ideas to incorporate.   Create your own design or use our free easy to use templates.

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Print Tools for Musicians: Drop cards


Drop cards are a print marketing medium that can be used to bring more awareness to your band and upcoming shows.  Drop cards are the size of business cards and can be conveniently “dropped” or left in high traffic areas for people to notice and find out about your show or upcoming releases.

The information you include on a drop card is extremely important.  It is a good idea to put something catchy or attention grabbing that people will want to read.  You want the information on the card to be detailed, but short and to the point, and leave them wanting a little bit more.  Upcoming shows or website and social media details are great things to put on drop cards.  If you want to incorporate a lot of information on a drop card you can use a QR code, which when scanned will bring the recipient to a landing page or website with all of the information on it.

The design and graphic of the drop card is equally important to the information on the card.  Eye catching, edgy and exciting designs will work best to represent your band and encourage people to look at them.  You can use your own design or use one of our templates to create your perfect design.

Drop cards can be distributed virtually anywhere.  Creative places to leave drop cards are on the windshield of cars, tucked into newspapers in convenience stores, or “dropped” in high traffic areas such as music venues, shopping malls and movie theaters.  However, be careful not to litter venues and create mess and garbage for the venue owners.

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How Postcard Marketing Can Deliver the Highest ROI for Your Business.

In today’s world of business, promotion can be considered as a health supplement or an immune booster for a certain business or company. As we all know, the life and blood of a business is its customers. With successful promotion and an effective marketing campaign, businesses can attract more and more customers which is definitely an important goal of any enterprise.

While you may use some online and other traditional marketing tactics, you should try exploring the benefits of postcards and learn how postcard marketing can really offer your business the highest return on investment (ROI) possible.

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