The Advantages of Printing Your Business Cards Online.

The internet made its public debut in the early ‘90s and revolutionized our lives in many ways. We have nearly instant access to information, entertainment and ecommerce.

Gone are the days when we ordered thick, phonebook-like catalogs from vendors and went through page after page of products searching for just the right item. Catalogs were not only expensive to produce and ship to customer’s homes, today, they would be considered and environmental liability and a potential public relations nightmare for a company.

In fact, another promise of the internet and the ever-expanding electronic storage capabilities was the development of a paperless society. As email and other means of communication become more reliable, nearly every vendor offers to provide monthly billing or invoice statements online, eliminating paper.

It’s a way for the company to save costs associated with traditional processing and mailing as well as an added convenience for the customer. The explosion of smart phones is making access to communication even more convenient, but that’s another story for another day.

Social networking is another.

While technology surely has had a tremendous impact on our ability to store and access information, goods and services, there is one element of a successful business that it will never replace: the face-to-face interaction of people. We’re not talking webcams here; we’re talking old-fashioned, look-them-in-the-eye-and-shake-their-hand human interaction.

And, immediately following that interaction is the second thing the internet will never replace no matter how “green” or paperless the world gets: the business card.

The business card is, perhaps, the epitome of a low-tech approach. If we were to put it into technology terms it is: “an efficient and elegant solution which facilitates an exchange of information.” In human terms, it is the simplest and most common method of introducing yourself to a prospective customer and providing that individual with key contact information.

Think of is as a tiny white billboard featuring: you!

At a glance, the giant internet and the lowly business card might appear to be total polar opposites. Look closer, my friend. Magic happens where the two intersect and combine to create a synergistic capability where 1+1 truly equals three: business cards designed and printed – online.

Creating and printing business cards online brings out the best in both. The internet is the conduit and facilitates the creation of the business card. It offers the customer a myriad of designs and styles, white stock or colored stock, script or block lettering – the choices are seemingly endless.

Because of its ability for data processing and in-line viewing, customers can experiment in the privacy and safety of their own home, office – or even their home office! Should I include a graphic? What will it look like? Press a button and the image appears.

Maybe it would look better in a vertical format rather than the traditional horizontal. Say no more, press a button and the card turns 90 degrees. You can review your work and edit it as needed, send a proof to yourself or a colleague to get input on the design.

Online business cards is one area in your life where you suddenly have options. You’re in control. You have that all-too-infrequent sense that this is one activity where you have power, influence and, for once, you are the actually the boss.

Now, hit the button and submit your order, big shot – we’ve got relationships to build!

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